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FindMyNiche is the best alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner, and even better than it. For most digital marketing peer, long-tail keywords finder is the most important tool to use. Once studying and researching all of the long tailed keywords of the target, you will have a perfect plan for better SEO, content creation, video creation, PPC, and other marketing activities. FindMyNiche offers the best performance on the following 4 parts: Search Engine Keywords: Try to get traffic-driving methods? Keyword research strategy can not be ignored for SEO and PPC. The popular tool of Google Keyword Planner is to give advertisers more accurate PPC campaign suggestions. So it’s not totally open and free to all the users. However, FindMyNiche can help you find thousands of valuable keywords from Google, Bing, Yahoo. YouTube Keywords: A good video on YouTube can be the wonderful resource for promoting your products, attracting visitors to your website, and driving more traffic. However, it’s really difficult to choose a topic to create a video. FindMyNiche can make you view the most frequently researched targets on YouTube, which can make your video content more competitive. Amazon Keywords: Amazon is the biggest e-commence platform worldwide. Want to know what are people looking for? By generating the long tailed keywords from Amazon, FindMyNiche can help draw the picture of other people’s needs and optimize your product or service’s performance on Amazon. Google Play Store Keywords: Make sure your app can be searched more accurately and frequently on Google play store with long tailed keyword research strategy. After researching the relevant keywords, you will get to know people’s needs more exactly.

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